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Mobile Detailing

Let us work around you! We will bring our five star vehicle detailing to your door! All we need is electric and water.

D - Con & Protect Detail

Perfect for pre and post winter/summer, defending the vehicle from road salt, tar, tree sap and other contaminants, then adding a level of recommended protection. We would recommend a minimum of 6 months protection to be applied for this package.

Enhancement Detail

If your vehicle has dull paintwork and swirl marks from poor washing practices. Paint correction involves a 1 step polish and will bring back a deep, glossy shine removing light paint defects. We would recommend a minimum of 12 month protection to be applied for this package.

Major Enhancement Detail

A further polishing stage is added to remove deeper swirls and light scratches, bringing a near perfect mirror like finish, the ultimate package City Auto Detail offer. With this amount of paint correction we would recommend a ceramic coat

New Car Detail and Protect

An alternative to the dealership offerings. Protect the paintwork, windows and wheels. Give your new vehicle the perfect start to maintain that new car look for the lifetime of ownership.

Interior Detail

Remove stains, odours and dirt from the most important part of the car, where you spend most of your time! Deep clean of all fabrics, hard surfaces and leather, adding a sealant to protect against further contaminants.

Beautiful red car washing

Maintenance Detail

Keeping it simple! This option is for already protected vehicles to maintain the previosuly applied protection, keeping that showroom finish or if you just want an exterior and interior detail and still achieve the great results City Auto Detail can provide!

Engine Bay Detail

Engine bays are often negelected. Refresh and degrease all visible areas under the bonnet. Great option if you are looking to sell your car or attending a car meet. We can add this onto any package taken.

Alloy Wheel Protectors

WHEELUV™ protectors fit snugly over your alloy rim, curving perfectly to match the radius of the wheel. The trim forms a part of your wheel and it unrecognisable.

Leather repair and restoration​

From bolster repairs to a full colour respray. Most leather damage can be repaired and is a cost effective option against a full replacement seat or panel.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

High performance, self-adhesive, clear-coated aliphatic polyurethane film. Very low surface energy film designed to resist staining and offer superior environmental resistance and gloss retention.

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